Providing clients with bespoke advice in the procurement, planning and project managment of new development schemes.
With a particular focus on development site identification, primarily to meet the demand of our clients’ varied requirements, we have a proven track record of identifying all manner of development solutions, from small roadside plots for single drive-thru use to the development of multi-acre sites for automotive parks and/or motorway service areas.

We offer a ‘cradle to grave’ property solution, acting on behalf of a variety of clients throughout all stages of the development process. Our role primarily depends upon the type of client we are instructed by and their specific requirements.

When acting on behalf of occupiers, the mission is for them to achieve property representation as either owner-occupier or as a tenant. Many occupier clients, however, do not have the internal specialist resource that would enable them to manage such a complex process. Our role is to compliment a specialist team. We would identify suitable sites, negotiating the acquisition terms that are underpinned by residual development appraisal and valuations. We would then support the team, from initial conception and through the planning process to construction and completion. Throughout the process we ensure that the design has regard to the sustainability and longevity of the property, achieving the optimum value with regards to how we subsequently package the property for finance, sale and lease back, or client retention.

Certain development situations may require that we act for developers, investors or public bodies, complementing their teams by identify opportunities and providing strategic advice to enable them to undertake a development on behalf of their clients or occupiers. 

In addition, we act for a variety of clients throughout the UK to dispose of development land. The initial step to a successful disposal is to understand the market, the occupier demand and the ever-changing criteria of a developer/purchaser. A successful strategy then depends upon identifying the challenges the site presents and having a cost-effective solution that reduces the barriers to development and enables the optimum disposal.

Our Core Services Include:

  • Site Identification
  • Development Appraisal
  • Occupier Demand Analysis
  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Acquisition and Disposal
  • Development Management
  • Investment and Funding Advice

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If you’d like further information on any of our current instructions, or have a property matter that needs a resolution, we would be happy to assist.
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